Monday's Snow Storm

***  A slow-moving but intense storm system rolled through Kansas Sunday night and Monday, bringing heavy snow to parts of southeast Nebraska and adjacent sections of northeast Kansas ***


Below is a loop of the infrared satellite imagery from around 2 am to 1 pm on 16 November. The black contours are lines of equal pressure about 18,000 feet into the atmosphere. The spin in the satellite imagery, near the lowest pressure, is the storm system which brought the heavy snowfall to southeast Nebraska and parts of southwest Iowa on 16 November. Also note the increase in colder cloud tops with time, the brighter colors over southeast Nebraska, southwest Iowa, northeast Kansas and northwest Missouri, indicating heavier precipitation taking place at that time and location.

16 November 2009 Infrared Satellite Imagery


Below is a regional radar mosaic from 16 November 2009 from around 2 am till 1 pm. Near the begining of the loop, preciptitation is a mix of rain and snow across the area and is fairly light and spotty in nature. As the night progresses, an enhanced band of preciptiation develops over northeast Kansas and quickly expands northward into southeast Nebraska and northwest Missouri. Precipitation over southeast Nebraska, northeast Kansas, northwest Missouri and southwest Iowa switched to all snow as the precipitation became heavy. Snowfall rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour were occuring during the morning over southeast Nebraska and northeast Kansas leading to snowcover slick roads, reduced visibilities, and isolated power outages. Later in the morning, as temperatures starting to warm, the snow starting to mix with and change back over to rain.


Snow totals were highest right along the Kansas/Nebraska border, where up to 10 inches of snow were reported in Endicott and Falls City.  Five to six inch snow totals were common within 20 miles north of the Kansas border, with a marked drop-off in snow amounts just to the north.

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