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  Post Storm Survey - 2009-2010  


The Post Storm Survey page can be found here:  http://studentweb.stcloudstate.edu/tama0502/ 

This survey will be available for 72hrs after the event.

What it is?  The objective of this Post Storm Survey (PSS) is to gain insight into decision-making related to hazardous winter weather, as well as providing a critical tool in bridging the gap between the weather community and users. 

This information will be vital for the weather forecasting community to improve communication and effectiveness of hazardous winter weather information.

What it is not? Not a critique of the forecast, rather, a survey to find out how you received the winter storm information, how you perceived the threat of the storm, what steps you took to prepare for the storm, and how your plans changed due to the storm.

How it works:  After a winter event ends, a brief event survey specific survey is posted to the post storm survey homepage.  The survey is open for three days following a winter storm that requires a warning to be issued by the local National Weather Service office.  Additional links to the survey will be posted on the PSS homepage in the case of multiple or overlapping winter storms.

Previous years:  2007-2008 was a test season and the surveys continued through 2009.  The winter season of 2008-2009 was a huge success for the Post Storm Survey with over 2700 responses following eight significant weather events.  This is the first year that Omaha has participated.  Although the survey was produced and is maintained by St. Cloud State University, the responses and findings will greatly enhance the National Weather Service's ability to convey future winter weather threats.

Participants:  National Weather Service Forecast Offices participating include; Aberdeen, SD, Des Moines, MN, Duluth, MN, Grand Forks, ND, La Crosse, WI, Minneapolis, MN, and Omaha, NE.  In addition, there are a number of media, local and state government agencies and WAS*IS (weather and society * integrated studies) participating.

Developers:  The Post Storm Survey was created by Matt Taraldsen, a meteorology student at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, under the guidance of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences professor Dr. Anthony Hansen, Communication Studies Professor Suzanne Stangle-Erkens and meteorologists from the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Duluth, Minnesota.  This survey and its results do not constitute an endorsement by the NWS of any information products or services within this project.

This project was approved by the St. Cloud State University Review Board and the NWS Central Region Headquarters.

National Weather Service Omaha/Valley contacts: 

Please e-mail Cathy Zapotocny or Dan Nietfeld

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