CoCoRaHS and Weather Observing - Video!


When Minnesota became the 50th state to the grass-roots weather effort, the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow network (CoCoRaHS) claimed a stake in every state in the Union.  (Nebraska reports its NeRAIN data to CoCoRaHS, and Iowa is a full-fledged CoCoRaHS state).  Recently, the North Dakota State Climatologist and a Fargo Television Station cooperated to produce an excellent video highlighting the CoCoRaHS program.

While the National Weather Service (NWS) operates its own Cooperative Weather Observer network, the purpose is different than that of CoCoRaHS.  The NWS Cooperative Observers Program is designed for collecting quality, long term climatological data with the purpose of tracking climate variations.  The CoCoRaHS program has an equally important, but significantly different goal in mind. CoCoRaHS is designed to deal with the more near-term "weather," focusing especially on precipitation.

We do encourage those who have an interest in weather to check out the NWS Cooperative Observer Program as well as the CoCoRaHS network.  Both provide valuable information, not just to the NWS but to everyone!

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