Record sub-40 Degree Days Will Likely Be Set This Winter

As if the snow depth records weren't enough, the number of days 40 degrees or warmer this winter, often defined meteorologically as the months of December, January and February, will likely be a record low number at Omaha, Norfolk and Lincoln.

 In Omaha, through February 21, there have only been 4 days where the thermometer has hit 40 degrees or higher since December 1st, the previous low total was during the 1978-79 winter with 8 days.

 In Lincoln, through February 21, only 5 days reached 40 or better, easily distancing the record low number of 14 days also during the 1978-79 winter.

 And in Norfolk so far only 3 days have reached or exceeded 40 degree this winter.  The previous record was also set in the 1978-79 winter with 5 days.

 Lincoln will set a record regardless of what happens the rest of the month and although there is nearly a week left in the month, based on the current forecast, Norfolk and Omaha should as well. 

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