Record Stages on Upper Elkhorn River

Rainfall last weekend has caused considerable flooding along the Elkhorn River with levels surpassing previous records at some locations.

Records thus far (through 11 pm Tuesday 6/15/2010) include...

New record at Ewing 13.3 feet around 1 am 6/14/2010     (old record 11.3 feet)

New record at Neligh 14.7 feet around 9 am 6/14/2010    (old record 13.37 feet 5/30/1995)  

New record at Norfolk 16.85 feet around 9 pm 6/15/2010   (old record 13.05 feet 5/31/1995) although a stage of 15.6 feet was observed on 3/11/49 which might have been affected by ice) 

Not a record but stage as Pilger reached 13.5 feet around 730 am 6/12/2010      Second crest expected today. see Flood Warning for details

The Elkhorn River at Waterloo reached 18.7 feet around 10 pm Monday, although not a record, it was close, the old record was 19.12 feet on 3/29/1962.

All record stages with this event should be considered preliminary at this point.

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