2012 Year-to-Date Record Warmest - Updated through 8/31

The year 2012 continues to be the warmest on record to date in Omaha and Norfolk, with drought conditions worsening across the area.  (For more on the drought, visit our drought page.)  This year already has seen the warmest spring (March through May) on record and the warmest combined winter and spring (December through May) on record, at Omaha, Lincoln, and Norfolk.  At Omaha and Norfolk, the year 2012 to date, as well as the previous 12 months of September 2011 through August 2012, have been the warmest on record.  In fact, for both Omaha and Norfolk, September 2011-August 2012 were just 0.1 degrees shy of the warmest of any 12-month period on record (those records just set last month:  August 2011-July 2012), coming in 2nd place.

The records to the end of August and previous records for different time periods are below.  Numbers in bold are records at the site that were set in 2012.  Numbers in italics are previous records (if a new record was set in 2012) or current records (if the previous record still holds).  All are in degrees F.

  January-August September-August Any 12-month period


58.8 (1934)


55.7 (1934)

56.1, September 2011-August 2012

56.2 (Aug 2011-July 2012)


59.2 (#2)

59.4 (1934)

54.8 (#4)

56.3 (1934)

54.9, August 2011-July 2012 (top 50)

56.3 (Sept 1933-Aug 1934)



55.8 (2006, 1934)


52.8 (2006)

53.4, September 2011-August 2012

53.5 (Aug 2011-July 2012)


For more details on the month of August, take a look at the monthly climate summaries for Omaha, Lincoln, and Norfolk.  All readings are preliminary until finalized by NCDC.

The September outlook from the NWS Climate Prediction Center indicates a 40-50% chance for September average temperature to rank in the warmest third compared to the 1981-2010 climate normals period.  In other words, according to CPC, the odds are tilted toward a warmer than usual September.


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