Wake Low Winds Hit Eastern Nebraska Early on June 23

A line of thunderstorms moved across eastern Nebraska between around 2:00-4:00 AM on Saturday morning, June 23.  The storms were not severe and did not cause damage or disruption.  However, behind those storms, a small area of deepening low pressure developed, moving from near Wahoo across the Omaha metro area around 4:30-5:30 AM.  This phenomenon is called a "wake low", and it often causes gusty winds behind a thunderstorm complex.  The winds under the wake low were stronger than in the thunderstorms themselves! 

The image below shows the observations at 5:00 AM, with surface pressure falls in the dashed lines.  Notice the extra flags on the wind barbs at Wahoo (west of Omaha) and in the Omaha metro area, showing stronger winds.  The numbers at the tip of the arrows (opposite the wind barbs) show the wind gusts at that time, in knots.

Damage reports included a chicken coop blown over 3 miles southwest of Prague (Saunders County, NE) and a tree down on power lines in Endicott (Jefferson County, NE), and a few trees and branches were knocked down in the western Omaha metro area.

Strong winds continued for about an hour in the affected areas.  Some of the peak wind speeds reported during the wake low, along with the times of those peak winds, are:

Wahoo -- 56 mph (4:15 AM)

Valley -- 54 mph (est. 4:30-5:00 AM)

Omaha Eppley -- 43 mph (5:06 AM)

Millard -- 41 mph (5:15 AM)

Offutt AFB -- 32 mph (5:11 AM)

Council Bluffs -- 30 mph (4:35 AM)

Plattsmouth -- 29 mph (5:15 AM)

Lincoln -- 26 mph (4:54 AM)



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