Weather Observer Needed in Harlan, Iowa

                   …Harlan Weather Reports Needed…
The National Weather Service (NWS) is in need of a volunteer to report temperature and precipitation readings within 5 miles of Harlan, Iowa. 
Observer duties are limited to making once daily reports of 24 hour precipitation andhigh and low temperatures taken using an electronic device provided by the NWS. Observing is simple and so is reporting your observation via a web site on the internet. All you need to get started is the interest, and internet access and we will supply everything else.
Observations have been taken more or less continuously near Harlan since 1899, when Charles A. Reynolds took the first observation.
This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in weather who wants to render a valuable public service. If you are interested and desire more information, please contact:
National Weather Service              or   via e-mail at:
6707 north 288th street 
Valley, NE 68064-9443
Attn: Terry Landsvork

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