Wireless Emergency Alerts - Blizzard & Ice Storm Warnings Will No Longer Activate Alerts



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Blizzard and Ice Storm Warnings will no longer activate Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs) starting November 13, 2013. The National Weather Service made changes to the WEA broadcast list after reviewing customer feedback and comments.

WEA messages will continue for:

  • Tornado Warnings
  • Flash Flood Warnings
  • Hurricane and Typhoon Warnings
  • Extreme Wind Warnings
  • Dust Storm Warnings

For the official notice, please go to: http://goo.gl/WG0Dxz

All major wireless carriers and hundreds of smaller carriers are taking part in WEA on a voluntary basis. To find out if your phone is WEA-capable or if you have other questions related to the receipt of WEA on your cell phone, please contact your wireless carrier or check the link:
For information about WEA as related to the NWS, please visit:
For general information about WEA, please visit:


For questions or comments about NWS participation in IPAWS or WEA, please contact:

Mike Gerber
Emerging Dissemination Technologies Program Lead
NOAA/National Weather Service
Office of Climate, Water, and Weather Services
Silver Spring, MD
301-713-0090 x170

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