Ice & Snow (Jan 15-17, 2013) **new photos**


Western and North-Central parts of the
Mid-State received the greatest
accumulation of ice on January 15-16.
Below is a map that shows the counties
that were warned and the average
ice accumulation observed (mainly on
trees and powerlines):

Photos of the Ice and Snow
that fell on January 15-17

First came the Ice (on the 15-16th):

Hillview Drive, Oak Hill, Davidson County (near Radnor Lake), 01/16/13   
[Photo Credit: Scott Harris]

 Hillview Drive, Oak Hill, Davidson County (near Radnor Lake), 01/16/13 
[Photo Credit: Scott Harris]

Skyview Drive, Centerville, Hickman Co.      01/16/13  
[Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards]

Sometimes just a matter of 50 to 100 feet made the
difference as to whether folks saw freezing rain or rain.
Notice in the picture below, from western Davidson
County, how the ice hangs heavy on the trees along the
tops of the hills, while precipitation remained as
liquid and unfrozen alongside the interstate:

I-40, Western Davidson County (near Exit 199)    01/16/13  
[Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards]

and some saw trees topple:

Lewis County.     01/16/13         [Photo Credit: Davis Nolan]     

and some saw power lines come down:

Skyview Dr., Centerville, Hickman Co.  01/16/13
[Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards]

Then came the Snow (on the 17th):

Columbia State Community College, Maury County.      
[Photo Credit: Ralph Walker]

Highway 64, between Waynesboro and Lawrenceburg. 
[Photo Credit: Ralph Walker]

and, then the sun came out and we saw...

Nature's Sparkling Beauty

Ice can be very dangerous when it glazes roadways
or accumulates heavily on trees and powerlines.
However, it can also be a beautiful thing when
the sun comes out and produces a sparkling
crystalline display.

The photo below was taken in Millersville, just north
of Nashville, along the edge of the Highland Rim,
on Wednesday. The sunlight, shining on the ice in
front of a dark cloudy background, produced

quite a sight:

The Millersville-White House area, along the Highland Rim,
received around 1/4 to 1/3 inch of ice from the ice storm on
Wednesday, January 16th. [Photo Credit: D. Massie]

By the way, we are always happy to receive and post
weather-related photos from anyone in the Mid-State area.
So, if you have photos of the ice or snow from this
week's winter weather we'd love to see them. Just include
the location and time of photo, along with your name
(so we can give you proper photo credit). Just send them

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