Oct. 18 tornado outbreak largest on record for October in our region

  • The confirmed tornado count for Oct. 18, 2007 was 16, which broke the record for most tornadoes in the month of October. The previous record tornado count for October for the 58 counties currently served by the Paducah office was 7. Those seven October tornadoes occurred just a few years ago in 2004.

One of the Daviess County tornadoes on October 18 was rated EF-3. This is the strongest rating given to an October tornado in the 58-county Paducah warning area since official records began in 1950. According to unofficial records going back to 1880, there was a tornado with an estimated intensity of F-3 in Posey County, Indiana on October 16, 1928. These unofficial records were obtained from the publication: Significant Tornadoes, 1880-1989 Volume II: A Chronology of Events by Thomas P. Grazulis).

  • The Daviess County EF-3 tornado on October 18 was not only the strongest October tornado in official records, but it was the first October tornado in official records for Daviess County.

Prior to Oct. 18, only 19 tornadoes had been officially recorded in our forecast area during the month of October. The tornado count on Thursday increased the October tornado count by over 50 percent.

This record-setting October tornado outbreak follows the strongest documented September tornado outbreak last year. In 2006, a tornado rated F-4 tracked across Perry County, Missouri. This was the strongest September tornado, including unofficial records dating back to 1880.

The strongest November tornado on record occurred just a year before that. On November 15, 2005, a tornado rated F-4 struck near Madisonville, KY. The 2005 Madisonville tornado was the first tornado during the fall season (September through November) to be rated stronger than F-3 in official records going back to 1950. The November 6, 2005 Evansville area tornado, which claimed 25 lives, is the deadliest fall tornado on record in our region. These records are for the existing Paducah NWS county warning area.



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