July 2009 2nd coolest on record and in the top 10 wettest at Paducah and Evanville



  • PADUCAH:  The average monthly temperature at Paducah was 74.9 degrees, which was the 2nd coolest July on record. The coolest July average temperature on record is 74.3 in 1967. The long-term average July monthly temperature is 78.8. The three coolest Julys are 74.3 in 1967, 75.0 in 1950, and 75.7 in 1971.
    The total rainfall at Paducah in July 2009 was 8.67 inches, making it the 5th wettest on record. Fourth wettest was 8.68 (in 1938), third wettest was 9.14 (in 1958), second wettest was 9.28 (1928), and the record was 12.47 (in 1972).


  • EVANSVILLE: The average monthly temperature at Evansville was 73.4 degrees, which ties 1967 as the 2nd coolest July on record. The record coolest July average temperature is 72.8 in 1947. The long-term average for July is 78.5. The three coolest Julys are 72.8 in 1947, 73.4 in 1967, and 74.2 in 1950.
    The total rainfall at Evansville in July 2009 was 6.46 inches, making it the 7th wettest on record. Fifth wettest was 7.18 inches(1959), Fourth wettest was 7.41 inches(2006), third wettest was 7.83 inches (1915), second wettest was 8.43 inches (1977), and the record was 8.51 inches (2005).

What a difference a month makes. At Paducah, June of 2009 was tied for the 6th warmest June on record!


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