June was among the top 10 warmest in our local area

June of 2010 ranked among the ten warmest Junes in the NWS Paducah forecast area. The most notable aspect of the month was the persistence of the warmth. At Paducah, every daily average temperature was at or above normal except for the 30th. Temperature extremes were not that notable. On nearly all days (except one), the average daily temperature was less than 10 degrees above normal at Paducah.

All June statistics below are based on uncertified data.

  • Paducah...

June of 2010 was tied with June of 1943 for the third warmest June on record at Paducah. The average monthly temperature at Paducah was 79.6 degrees. This was 5.1 degrees above normal. The warmest June on record at Paducah was in 1952, when the average daily temperature was 83.3 degrees. The remaining top ten warmest Junes at Paducah were 80.9 (1953), 79.6 (1943), 78.8 (1944), 78.6 (1984), 78.3 (2009), 78.2 (1987), 77.9 (1991), 77.7 (2002), and 77.4 (1986). Records go back to 1937.

  •  Evansville...

June of 2010 was the eighth warmest June on record at Evansville. At Evansville, the average monthly temperature was 78.9 degrees. This was 4.1 degrees above normal. The warmest June on record at Evansville was in 1952, when the average daily temperature was 81.1 degrees. The remaining top ten warmest Junes at Evansville were 80.5 (1933), 80.4 (1934), 80.2 (1953), 80.0 (1921 and 1914), 79.3 (1971), 79.2 (1925), 78.8 (1994), 78.6 (1984), amd 78.4 (1911). Records go back to 1897 at Evansville.

  • Poplar Bluff...

The hottest and driest location in the Paducah NWS forecast area was the Poplar Bluff area. The high temperature at Poplar Bluff reached or exceeded 95 degrees on 11 out of 12 days from the 12th to the 23rd. The highest temperature of the month was 99 degrees on the 20th and 21st. The average monthly temperature at the airport was 82.4 degrees, which was 6.4 degrees above normal. Based on records from the Poplar Bluff co-operative observation station, the warmest June on record was 82.1 degrees (1952). The co-operative observer records date back to 1893, but those records for Poplar Bluff are incomplete and therefore unofficial. The airport records only date back to 2001. They are maintained separately from the co-operative observer records. Rainfall at the Poplar Bluff airport was just 0.55 inch. This is among the five lowest June rainfall amounts at the Poplar Bluff co-op site. 


The humidity was a significant factor in our June weather. The high humidity often kept overnight low temperatures warmer than they would normally be. The humidity factored into dangerously high heat indices. Heat indices peaked around 100 degrees on numerous days from the 15th to the 27th. 



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