2010 was 4th driest year on record at Paducah; severe drought lingers

  • Based on preliminary data, the annual precipitation total for 2010 was 36.67 inches at Paducah. This ranks as the fourth driest year at Paducah since official records began in 1949.
  • At Evansville, the preliminary yearly total was 32.78 inches. This ranks as the 13th driest year since official records began in 1896.
  • The normal annual precipitation is about 42 inches at Evansville and 48 inches at Paducah.

The five driest years at Paducah were: 27.79" in 1963, 35.40 in 1953, 36.36 in 1987, 36.67 in 2010, and 36.75 in 1980. It should be noted that data for 1963 is incomplete since rainfall data is missing on seven days that year.

The five driest years at Evansville were: 25.55" in 1930, 27.88 in 1963, 27.94 in 1936, 29.03 in 1901, and 29.57 in 1938. The precipitation data for 1938 in incomplete due to 31 days of missing data.

The two biggest rainfall events of 2010 at Paducah were 3.63" on May 1-2 and 3.59" on September 9-10. These two events accounted for about one-fifth (19.6 percent) of the precipitation total for the entire year! Excluding these two rainfall events, the 2010 rainfall total at Paducah would be 29.45".

Severe drought continues to linger into 2011 in parts of western Kentucky and southeast Missouri, per the following graphic. Click on graphic for full size or visit the Drought Monitor website.

U.S. Drought Monitor


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