A new local record for tornadoes in April

Although we have just gone through record flooding, you might be surprised to know we also had a record period of tornadoes during the month of April, 2011. Below is a map of the tornadoes, plus their locations and strengths over a two week period from April 19 to April 27. It took a while for the damage surveys to be completed due to the amount of severe weather and flooding in the area.

Map of April 2011 tornadoes

The total number of tornadoes in our county warning area for April 2011 is 41. Four tornadoes occurred on April 4. For the year, the total is 50.

During the period from 1980 to 2006, we average 8 tornadoes in our area during the entire month of April, according to the Storm Prediction Center.

The previous highest number of tornadoes in the month of April for an area roughly the same size as our county warning area was 20, back in 2002. The second highest was 19 in 1972. The third highest was 16 which occurred in 1994, 1996, and 1998.

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