Ways for you to get hourly forecasts

Did you know that the National Weather Service issues hourly forecasts that are updated numerous times a day. There are several ways you can get them.


1) On your phone  preview.weather.gov/mobile

2) From our web site (2 ways)

Select a point on the map where you want a forecast. The next page displays the 7-day forecast

Image of our web page and forecast

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Hourly Weather Graph

Hourly weather graph link

You will get a page something like this

Hourly Weather Forecast Graph

Here you will see an hourly forecast that goes out 7 days!


 You can also get hourly forecast by clicking on "Activity Planner" on the left hand menu


Activity Planner Link

You will then get to this page. From here put  in specifics ranges you are looking for, then pick a point on the map

Activity Planner Page

You will then get data for the range you asked for, as an example, we were looking for times when temperatures were going to be between 60 and 80 degrees.

weather activity planner forecast






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