Snowfall from Early Morning Clipper - February 3, 2013

Fast Moving "Clipper" Storm brings early morning snowfall to the Quad State Region


A quick moving weather system moved from the Northern Plains and Middle Mississippi Valley during the evening hours on February 2nd.  

As this "clipper" system dived southeast across parts of northern and eastern Missouri at nearly 70 mph, it tapped into upper level energy and moisture.  

This allowed the weather system to increase in strength and intensity during the late evening hours Saturday and the early morning hours of Sunday

- February 3rd, 2013.

The leading edge of the weather system pushed into Southwest Illinois near Interstate 64 and quickly moved southeast overnight across
Southern Illinois, Southwest Indiana, and the Pennyrile Region of West Kentucky between 11 pm and 6 am CST.  As the snow moved
southeast, some locations saw visibilities due to the snow drop to well less than a mile for as much as a half hour at a time.

When it was said and done...the snow "clipper" covered a 60 to 80 mile wide swath with one to two inches of snow across the Quad State
region. One of the highest snowfall totals reported was 3.7 inches in Sesser, Illinois, located in Franklin County in Southern Illinois.

February 3, 2013 Snowfall Graphic generated from Local Storm Reports.



















 The image above is a snowfall map generated from actual snowfall reports received from cooperative observers, trained spotters,

law enforcement, and most of all, the general public. A number of reports were compiled from social media reports (Facebook, Twitter).

The highlighted area is a crudely objective depiction of snowfall totals ranging from one half inch (light blue color)  to more than two inches

( dark blue and purple color).  Snowfall amounts less than a half inch are not depicted on this map.  The white lines on the map are

contours of similar snowfall amounts, similar elevation to a topographic map.  The larger snowfall amounts are found inside each of

the contour lines.

( Note: The state and county map shown in the image above shows the area of responsibiltiy covered by the National Weather Service

Forecast office in Paducah, Kentucky).

 Visible Satellite Image of the Febuary 3rd, 2013 Snowfall across the Quad State area.




















This is a visible satellite image was taken around 3:45 pm CST on February 3rd, 2013.  Nearly all of the light (or white) color over Southern

Illinois, stretching from the Ohio River northwest to the St. Louis area (upper left part of image) is snow on the ground.  Further to the east,

over West Kentucky and Southwest Indiana (right half of the image) is departing cloud cover from the overnight "clipper" system.  This cloud

cover is masking the snow that covered these areas.  Due to the resolution of this satellite image and the coverage of the snow,

some of the snow cover on the very edges may be too difficult to see in this picture.


Our thanks to everyone who took their time to pass along the very important and instrumental snowfall reports for this snow event.




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