Start of Spring Frost / Freeze Program

Due to the recent warm temperatures and the sudden blooming of trees and various plants, NWS Paducah will start issuing frost & freeze advisories and warnings. Some plants are susceptible to the colder temperatures already and this will only increase as growth continues over the next few weeks. As a review, here are the different criteria we use to issue frost and freeze products.


Frost Advisory - Used during the growing season (April – October) if a widespread frost is expected to pose a danger to farmers and gardeners plants. Generally, overnight lows are forecast to fall into the lower to mid 30s with clear skies and light winds.


Freeze Warning - Used during the growing season (April October) when air temperatures at or below 32°F are forecast over a widespread area for any duration. A freeze is locally classified as a killing freeze when temperatures fall to 30°F or lower for at least two consecutive hours.

Freeze Watch - A Freeze Watch may be issued in advance of a warning if conditions are favorable for a freeze event in the next 12 to 48 hours.


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