August Climate Review and September Preview

The summer monsoon remained fairly active across the state throughout the month of August, though not nearly as active as it was in July.  With that said, much of the area saw at or below average precipitation for the month as a whole. Temperatures across the area over the past month were generally at or below seasonal averages, save portions of the Southeast Plains and northern portions of the San Luis Valley. The following graphics indicate preliminary departures from normal for both temperatures and precipitation experienced across the state over the past month. 

The average temperature in Colorado Springs over the past month of August was 68.4 degrees, which is 0.3 degrees below normal. Colorado Springs received 2.34 inches of precipitation through out the month of August. This is 1 inch below normal, but is well above the 0.12 inches recorded in August of 2012.  The Colorado Springs Airport also recorded hail on August 7th and 25th.    

 The average temperature in Pueblo over the past month of August was 73.4 degrees,  which is right on the 30 year average for the month. Pueblo received 1.26 inches of precipitation through out the month of August. This is 1.06 inches below normal, but is well above the 0.08 inches recorded in August of 1960. The Pueblo Memorial Airport also recorded hail on August 8th.    

The average temperature in Alamosa over the past month of August was 61.7 degrees, which is 1 degree below normal. Alamosa received 0.53 inches of precipitation through out the month of August. This is 0.74 inches below normal, and makes August of 2014 the 16th driest on record in Alamosa, though well above the 0.11 inches recorded in August of 1944.   

Looking ahead into September, in Colorado Springs, the average high and low temperatures of 79 degrees and 53 degrees on September 1st, cool to 69 degrees and 41 degrees by the end of the month, with an average monthly temperature of 60.9 degrees. Colorado Springs averages 1.19 inches of precipitation and 0.2 inches of snow in September.  

In Pueblo, the average high and low temperatures of 87 degrees and 54 degrees on September 1st, cool to 76 degrees and 41 degrees by the end of the month, with an average monthly temperature of 64.7 degrees. Pueblo averages 0.77 inches of precipitation and 0.3 inches of snow in September. 

In Alamosa, the average high and low temperatures of 77 degrees and 43 degrees on September 1st, cool to 68 degrees and 31 degrees by the end of the month, with an average monthly temperature of 55.0 degrees. The mean date of the first freeze in Alamosa is September 9th. Alamosa averages 0.91 inches of precipitation in September.

Below is the Climate Prediction Center's temperature and precipitation outlook for September, which gives slightly better chances of above normal precipitation and equal chances of above, below and near normal temperatures across area.



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