Tornado in Prowers County - 7/23

Shortly before 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 23rd a line of thunderstorms, moving through north central Prowers County, produced a brief non-mesocyclone tornado northeast of Bristol.  This type of tornado typically forms on a boundary and develops from the ground up.  In this case the boundary was the edge of the downrush of rain-cooled air on the front edge of a storm.  A storm chaser who witnessed the event described the rotation as very weak and connected with the base of the cloud.  There was no known damage.  The tornado passed through open country and farm fields.  Below is a photo of the non-mesocyclone (landspout) tornado taken by Bob Schafer.

last updated 10:49 a.m. Friday, July 24th - Tom Magnuson - Warning Coordination Meteorologist - WFO Pueblo

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