Winter 2009-2010 may be at least tenth coldest at Pueblo and Colorado Springs

Winter 2009-2010 temperatures at Pueblo and Colorado Springs may within the 10 coldest recorded.

The winter of 2009-2010 has the potential to be one of the 10 coldest winters in Pueblo and Colorado Springs since records began over 115 years ago.  (Winter is defined as the months of December, January and February).  Data for Colorado Springs extend back to the winter of 1894-1895 (116 years), and data for Pueblo extend back to the winter of 1888-1889 (121 years).  December was a cold month with Pueblo being 5.9 degrees below normal and Colorado Springs being 5.8 degrees below normal.  January 2010 had more moderate temperatures with Colorado Springs being 2.6 degrees above normal and Pueblo being 0.9 degrees above normal.

February 2010 saw a return to much below normal temperatures. Through February 21, Colorado Springs is 4.2 degrees below normal and Pueblo is 5.0 degrees below normal.   The average temperature for the remaining 7 days of February is forecast to be below normal.  A cold air mass will remain over the plains on Monday and Tuesday and another surge of cold air is expected to move onto the plains for Thursday into the weekend.

Based on the forecasted temperatures, the winter of 2009-2010 may be the seventh coldest in Pueblo in 122 years of data and Colorado Springs may be the tenth coldest in 116 years of data. 

Caution: these results are based on preliminary data and forecast temperatures, and the final rankings may change.  

This news story will be updated the first week of March with observed data for remainder of February.


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