Information on Southeast Tornado Outbreak

The National Weather Service Office in Pueblo, Colorado wishes to extend its condolences, thoughts, and prayers to the people affected by the deadly tornado outbreak of April 27, 2011. 

Information on ongoing storm surveys and assessments can be found at the following Weather Forecast Offics:

Brimingham, AL:

Huntsville, AL:

Jackson, MS:

Peachtree City, GA:

Memphis, TN:

Below is a graphic that shows the violent tornado that devastated parts of Tuscaloosa, Alabama Wednesday afternoon, as seen from the perspective of our Weather Service Doppler Radar located in Birmingham, Alabama. This storm was a textbook example of a supercell thunderstorm, a rotating storm that can produce strong tornadoes. There were numerous isolated supercell storms in yesterday's outbreak, but most of the stronger storms exhibited many of the same characteristics that can be seen in this image. The structure of the storm was dictated by the environmental conditions in place: strong vertical wind shear, and extreme instability in the atmosphere. Our mission as a team is to analyze, learn, and educate about the nature of these deadly storms, in an effort to protect lives and property from these natural disasters whenever there is the potential for hazardous weather.

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