Detailed, interactive forecasts on our website

Detailed, interactive HOURLY weather forecasts are available on our website.  The "Hourly Weather Graph" and "Tabular Weather" can mostly easily be accessed through the point-click forecast map on our home page, seen below.



After clicking the point you are interested in on the point-click forecast map, you will be taken to the "detailed 7-day forecast" page.  You can further refine your location of interest by using the "Detailed Point Forecast" map. The red box on the map is one of thousands of boxes (grid points) within our digital forecast database, which gives the potential for thousands of unique forecasts throughout our forecast area.


The detailed hourly forecasts are accessible under "Additional Forecast & Information" by clicking the "Hourly Weather Graph" and "Tabular Forecast".  The "Hourly Weather Graph", seen below, is available through the entire 7-day forecast time frame.


The "Tabular Weather", seen below, is also available through the entire 7-day forecast time frame.


The "Activity Planner" is the most interactive of the hourly forecast products.  It is found under the "Forecasts" header in the blue bar menu of our home page.


It is possible to customize the output by entering various weather elements values into the interface.


After you have entered the values, and clicked "Submit", the output is displayed on another page.  Fire weather parameters can also be entered into the "Activity Planner".


In the example above, the colored bars indicate those time periods through the forecast time line when temperatures are forecast to be below 32 degrees, winds are forecast to be between 15 and 30 mph, and the forecast chance for snow is 50 percent or higher.  This "Activity Planner" tool can be very helpful in planning, scheduling, delaying, or postponing weather sensitive activities.  For instance, school districts will delay or postpone school or school activities when the wind chill values are below a certain value.  Event directors can see whether there is a precipitation or a lightning threat during the activities.  Conditions that may hamper travel in your immediate area can be graphical viewed on a time line through several days.

These detailed forecasts and interactive tools are all a part of the National Weather Service's vision of developing a weather-ready nation, where its citizens and visitors can be as safe as possible when weather hazards come their way, or are in their path.  The envisioned weather-ready nation will be able to make more informed decisions when hazardous weather threatens or is imminent.

The mission of the National Weather Service is to protect life and property by delivering the best weather forecasts day in and day out.  An accurate forecast, when acted upon correctly, can save lives, and protect property and infrastructure.

Let's continue to safely enjoy the outdoors in the great State of Colorado.

Tom Magnuson, Warning Coordination Meteorologist, NWS Pueblo, Colo.

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