September 17 - First Winter Storm Hits Wyoming - Updated Precipitation Amounts

A strong low pressure system brought an abrupt change to the warm early fall weather this past weekend.  Widespread rain occurred across lower elevations, while snow fell across the higher elevations and valleys of Wyoming.  The precipitation began in far western Wyoming on Friday.  The powerful storm system tracked through the state on Saturday increasing the precipitation coverage east of the Continental Divide.  Still, wrap-around moisture on the west side of this system continued to affect the north half of the area on Sunday.  The heaviest snow fell in the Big Horn Mountains.  Snowfall was also recorded in the many of the western and northern mountains and even along U.S. 287 from Jeffrey City to Sweetwater Station.  At one point on Saturday roads across Powder River Pass and South Pass were closed due to the wind and snow.

Below is a table of snowfall amounts as reported by automatic snow measuring instruments in the Big Horn, and Wind River Mountains (between 0600 on September 16 through 0900 on September 17th):

Snowfall Amounts September 16-17, 2006
CountyStation NameSnowfall
Big Horn Shell Creek SNOTEL 13
Big Horn Bald Mountain SNOTEL 8
Big Horn Bone Springs Divide SNOTEL 6
Fremont Hobbs Park SNOTEL 10
Fremont Townsend Creek SNOTEL 10
Fremont Deer Park SNOTEL 8
Fremont South Pass City 8
Fremont South Pass SNOTEL 7
Fremont Sixth Crossing 3
Fremont Jeffrey City 3
Johnson Middle Powder SNOTEL 10
Lincoln Fossil Butte 1.8
Natrona Arminto 21 North 10
Natrona Grave Springs SNOTEL 5
Washakie Leigh Creek 8
Washakie Split Rock Creek 6

A graphical representation of snowfall totals can be seen by following these links:

Low Resolution Snowfall Map

High Resolution Snowfall Map

Precipitation totals associatied with this storm are provided in the following table.  Rainfall and melted snowfall are both calcuated when determining total precipitation received at a given location.

Total Precipitation September 15-17, 2006
CountyStation NameRainfall
Big Horn Shell 1.83
Big Horn Lovell 1.02
Big Horn Basin 5 Northwest 0.70
Big Horn Greybull Airport 0.62
Big Horn Burlington 8 Northeast 0.39
Fremont Sixth Crossing 0.80
Fremont Shoshoni 0.78
Fremont Lander Airport 0.60
Fremont Riverton 0.35
Fremont Riverton 0.34
Fremont Pavillion 13 Northeast 0.31
Fremont Jeffrey City 0.29
Fremont Riverton Airport 0.14
Fremont Dubois 10 Northwest 0.13
Fremont Hudson 0.12
Hot Springs Thermopolis 1.11
Hot Springs Thermopolis 9 Northeast 0.75
Hot Springs Thermopolis 0.60
Johnson Clearmont 14 Southeast 0.81
Johnson Buffalo Airport 0.79
Johnson Kaycee 17 Northwest 0.57
Johnson Kaycee 17 East 0.57
Johnson Buffalo 7 Northeast 0.49
Johnson Barnum 5 Northwest 0.43
Lincoln Thayne 4 Northeast 0.80
Lincoln Afton 12 South 0.79
Lincoln Fossil Butte 0.56
Lincoln Thayne 0.47
Lincoln Opal 0.46
Lincoln Kemmerer 7 East 0.45
Natrona Casper 0.78
Natrona Casper 3 South 0.76
Natrona Casper 4 Southwest 0.76
Natrona Casper Airport 0.56
Natrona Midwest 0.55
Natrona Lysite 0.51
Park Cody 0.58
Park Cody 5 Southeast 0.58
Park Cody 0.52
Park Powell 4 Southwest 0.50
Park Powell 0.46
Park Crandall 0.39
Park Sunlight Basin 0.33
Park Meeteetse 0.23
Park Heart Mountain 0.21
Park Cody 0.14
Sublette Boulder Fish Hatchery 0.58
Sublette Farson 0.55
Sublette Pinedale 13 Southeast 0.53
Sublette Big Piney 5 Northwest 0.50
Sublette Big Piney Airport 0.28
Sublette Pinedale Airport 0.12
Sweetwater Red Desert 0.67
Sweetwater Rock Springs 0.14
Sweetwater Rock Springs Airport 0.11
Teton Moose 0.43
Teton Moose 0.39
Washakie Ten Sleep 5 Northwest 1.29
Washakie Ten Sleep 16 Southeast 0.68
Washakie Worland Airport 0.34
Yellowstone Bechler River Ranger Station 0.75
Yellowstone East Entrance 0.17
Yellowstone Lake Yellowstone 0.16
Yellowstone Old Faithful Ranger Station 0.05

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