Jan. 1 - New Year’s Weekend Storm

A strong southwest flow has combined with an upper level disturbance, to bring two periods of heavy snowfall across the western mountains and valleys.  The following is a tabular depiction of snowfall totals from this event.

December 30th - January 1st
CountyStation NameSnowfall
Fremont South Pass SNOTEL 18
Fremont Deer Park SNOTEL 18
Fremont Togwotee Pass SNOTEL 8
Fremont Cold Springs SNOTEL 3
Fremont Little Warm SNOTEL 3
Fremont Hobbs Park SNOTEL 2
Fremont Townsend Creek SNOTEL 1
Fremont St. Lawrence Alt. SNOTEL 1
Hot Springs Owl Creek SNOTEL 7
Lincoln Spring Creek Divide SNOTEL 24
Lincoln Indian Creek SNOTEL 24
Lincoln Willow Creek SNOTEL 23
Lincoln Triple Peak SNOTEL 18
Lincoln Cottonwood Creek SNOTEL 16
Lincoln Salt River Summit SNOTEL 16
Lincoln Hams Fork SNOTEL 13
Lincoln Smoot 5 Southeast 12
Lincoln Alpine 12
Lincoln Thayne 7
Lincoln Smoot 3
Park Two Ocean Plateu SNOTEL 10
Park Beartooth Lake SNOTEL 8
Park Burroughs Creek SNOTEL 8
Park Evening Star SNOTEL 7
Park Younts Peak SNOTEL 7
Park Pahaska 6
Park Canyon SNOTEL 6
Park Parker Peak SNOTEL 6
Park Sylvan Lake SNOTEL 5
Park Canyon Ranger Station 5
Park Kirwin SNOTEL 4
Park East Entrance 3.5
Park Sylvan Road SNOTEL 3
Park Lake Yellowstone 3
Park Wolverine SNOTEL 3
Park Blackwater SNOTEL 3
Park Crandall Creek 1.2
Sublette Blind Bull Summit SNOTEL 17
Sublette Big Sandy Opening SNOTEL 16
Sublette Loomis Park SNOTEL 14
Sublette Snider Basin Snow SNOTEL 13
Sublette Kendall R. S. SNOTEL 13
Sublette Elkhart Park G. S. SNOTEL 12
Sublette East Rim Divide SNOTEL 12
Sublette White Pine Ski Area 10
Sublette New Fork Lake SNOTEL 10
Sublette Gros Ventre Summit SNOTEL 8
Sublette Gunsight Pass SNOTEL 4
Sublette Boulder Rearing Station 3
Sublette Big Piney 5 Northwest 2.5
Sublette Pinedale 2.5
Sublette Pinedale 2.5
Sublette Pinedale 13 Southeast 2
Sublette Pinedale 9 Southeast 1.3
Sweetwater Farson 5 North 2
Teton Granite Creek SNOTEL 24
Teton Phillips Bench SNOTEL 23
Teton Lewis Lake Divide SNOTEL 20
Teton Base Camp SNOTEL 16
Teton Grassy Lake SNOTEL 14
Teton Snake River Station SNOTEL 14
Teton Grant Ranger Station 12
Teton Moran Junction 8
Teton Thumb Divide SNOTEL 8
Teton Moose 7
Teton Old Faithful Ranger Station 6
Teton Yellowstone West Entrance 5
Teton Snake River Ranger Station 5
Teton Moose 4.5
Teton Lake Ranger Station 4
Teton Jackson 4
Teton Grand Targhee Ski Area 3
Teton Madison Ranger Station 1

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