Final Water Supply Outlook and Graphic for 2009--updated June 15

Last Wyoming Water Supply Outlook for 2009
…Snowmelt runoff volumes averaging just below average across Wyoming--from the rest of June through September…
…Reservoir storages are 100 percent of average for entire state--as of June 1…
Below average precipitation across Wyoming during May has caused anticipated snowmelt volumes to be lower than normal for the rest of the summer across the state. Also, above average temperatures, especially a very warm period during the 3rd week of May, caused rapid melt of snowpack that will be unavailable for water supply for the rest of the summer across the state. However, the latest cool and wet weather Wyoming has been experiencing in June will only help the summer water supply outlook. Snowmelt runoff volume forecasts vary from average to above average for the Snake, Shoshone, and Upper Yellowstone Watersheds to well below average for the Sweetwater and Lower Green Basins.

Reservoir storages across Wyoming are averaging 100 percent across the state as of June 1st. Major reservoirs like Boysen, Buffalo Bill, and Jackson Lake are full and/or nearing full capacity as of June 15th. Even Seminoe and Flaming Gorge Reservoirs are nearing 85 percent capacity as of June 15th.   The cool and wet June weather will only help in maintaining high reservoir levels during the summer as well as ensuring adequate carryover water supply for the next water year.

The latest Wyoming water supply outlook graphic for June 2009:


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