New Years 2010 Snowfall

Western Wyoming was able to ring in the new decade with a snowy New Year's holiday, beginning New Year's Eve, and persisting into the early afternoon of the 2nd of January.  The snowfall totals below are for 12/31/09 thru 1/2/10.


Snowfall Query
County Station Name Snowfall
Fremont Little Warm Snotel 3
Fremont Brooks Lake Lodge 3
Fremont South Pass Snotel 2
Fremont Deer Park Snotel 2
Fremont Burroughs Creek Snotel 2
Fremont Townsend Creek Snotel 1
Fremont St. Lawrence Alt Snotel 1
Fremont Hobbs Park Snotel 1
Lincoln Thayne 1SE 9.5
Lincoln Cottonwood Creek Snotel 9
Lincoln Blind Bull Summit 8
Lincoln Willow Creek Snotel 7
Lincoln Alpine 6
Lincoln Box Y Ranch 6
Lincoln Spring Creek Divide Snotel 5
Lincoln Blind Bull Summit Snotel 5
Lincoln Indian Creek Snotel 4
Lincoln Salt River Summit Snotel 4
Lincoln Afton 3
Lincoln Hams Fork Snotel 2
Lincoln Kelley Ranger Station Snotel 2
Park Evening Star Snotel 7
Park Blackwater Snotel 5
Park Beartooth Lake Snotel 3
Park Wolverine Snotel 3
Park Marquette Snotel 2
Park Younts Peak Snotel 2
Park Kirwin Snotel 1
Sublette Triple Peak Snotel 5
Sublette Gunsite Pass Snotel 5
Sublette New Fork Lake Snotel 4
Sublette Loomis Park Snotel 4
Sublette Kendall Ranger Station Snotel 4
Sublette Bondurant 3NW 4
Sublette East Rim Divide Snotel 3
Sublette Snider Basin Snotel 2
Sublette Elkhart Park G.S. Snotel 2
Sublette Big Sandy Opening Snotel 2
Sublette Pinedale 1.2 NE 1.9
Teton Grand Targhee Ski Area 20
Teton Jackson Hole-Raymer 16
Teton Jackson Hole-Mid 15
Teton Teton Village 10
Teton Moose 2N 9
Teton Grassy Lake Snotel 9
Teton Jackson Hole-Base 8
Teton Phillips Bench Snotel 7
Teton Base Camp Snotel 5
Teton Granite Creek Snotel 5
Teton Snake River Stn Snotel 5
Teton Jackson 11S 5
Teton Jackson 4S 4
Teton Togwotee Pass Snotel 4
Teton Moose .4 S 4
Teton Jackson 5.3 NW 3.9
Teton Teton Village 1ENE 3
Teton Wilson 1E 2.5
Teton Gros Ventre Summit Snotel 2
Yellowstone Snake River Ranger Station 9
Yellowstone Canyon Ranger Station 8
Yellowstone Two Ocean Plateau Snotel 6
Yellowstone West Entrance Ranger Station 5.5
Yellowstone Lake Ranger Station 5.5
Yellowstone East Entrance Ranger Station 5
Yellowstone Grant Village Ranger Station 4
Yellowstone Old Faithful Ranger Station 3.5
Yellowstone Lamar Ranger Station 3.3
Yellowstone Sylvan Lake Snotel 3
Yellowstone Thumb Divide Snotel 3
Yellowstone Parker Peak Snotel 2
Yellowstone Sylvan Road Snotel 2
Yellowstone Madison Ranger Station 1
Yellowstone Canyon Snotel 1

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