March 4-6 - Snowfall Across Central and Eastern Wyoming

A band of snowfall moved through central Fremont county on the morning of March 5th. Areas within this snowband experienced several hours of moderate to heavy snow. Areas lower in elevation saw rain or a rain/snow mix during the morning with a couple hours of snowfall. The images below show the band move through central Fremont county this morning.

Radar Image from 6:00 am  Radar Image from 7:00am Radar Image from 8:00am

Additionally, heavy snowfall developed over central Natrona county during the overnight hours of March 5th. This resulted in significant snowfall accumulations in Casper and Casper Mountain. Below is a table of snowfall totals (as of 1030am on March 6th). This table may be updated one last time with any lingering snowfall reports from Natrona and Johnson counties.

High Resolution Snowfall Map (.png)

Low Resolution Snowfall Map (.png)



Snowfall Query
County Station Name Snowfall
Fremont Hobbs Park Snotel 16.5
Fremont St. Lawrence Alt Snotel 12
Fremont Townsend Creek Snotel 9
Fremont South Pass 8
Fremont Cold Springs Snotel 7.5
Fremont Kinnear 7.2ESE 7
Fremont South Pass Snotel 6
Fremont Lander 1.7 N 5.5
Fremont Sweetwater Station 2E 5
Fremont Lander 4.4 SSW 4.6
Fremont Riverton 10NW 4
Fremont Riverton 1-3
Fremont Deer Park Snotel 3
Fremont Jeffrey City 2
Fremont Kinnear 2
Fremont Dubois 9.7 WNW 1.5
Fremont Riverton 5N 1
Fremont Riverton 4W 0.75
Lincoln Afton 8
Lincoln Smoot 4.9 SSE 6
Lincoln Cottonwood Creek Snotel 4
Lincoln Kemmerer 4
Lincoln Willow Creek Snotel 4
Lincoln Kemmerer 3
Lincoln Cokeville 3
Lincoln Thayne 1SE 3
Lincoln Spring Creek Divide Snotel 3
Lincoln Thayne 4.2 NNE 2.8
Lincoln Blind Bull Summit Snotel 2
Lincoln Indian Creek Snotel 2
Lincoln Kemmerer 0.6 N  0.1
Natrona Casper Mountain Snotel 19
Natrona Casper 7S 18
Natrona Reno Hill Snotel 16
Natrona Mills 12.5
Natrona Casper 10SW 10
Natrona Casper 1.1 WSW 9
Natrona Casper 9.7 WSW 9
Natrona Casper 4.3 WSW 8.3
Natrona Casper 4.4 WSW 8
Natrona Mills 4NW 7.7
Natrona Casper 2.7 NNE 6
Natrona Mills 5NW 5
Natrona Powder River 4
Natrona Casper 2-3
Natrona Powder River School 3
Natrona Hiland 2
Sublette Triple Peak Snotel 4
Sublette Big Sandy Opening Snotel 3
Sublette Snider Basin Snotel 3
Sublette Pinedale 13 SE 0.8
Sublette Pinedale 13.8 NW 0.2
Sweetwater Wamsutter 2
Teton Jackson 12.3 NE 2
Teton Moose 0.4 S 2

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