Wyoming Spring 2010 Snowmelt Flood Potential Outlook--April Update

...Moderate to High Potential for Snowmelt Runoff Flooding along the Little Snake River (from Savery to Baggs) and along the Middle Fork of the Popo Agie River...

...Moderate Potential for Snowmelt Runoff Flooding along the North Platte River (above Saratoga), the Encampment River, the Laramie River (up to Laramie), the Little Laramie River, the Little Popo Agie River, and the Middle Fork of the Powder River (up to Kaycee)

Headwater locations along the Laramie, the North Platte, the Encampment, the Little Laramie, the Little Snake, the Middle Fork of the Popo Agie, and the Middle Fork Powder Watersheds had near normal to above normal snow water equivalents (SWEs) at the beginning through the middle of April.  A few headwater locations along the Tongue, Powder, Southern Wind, and Lower North Platte Basins also had near normal SWEs during the first part of April.   All other headwater basins in Wyoming had below normal SWEs by the middle of April.


Expect a moderate to high potential for headwater snowmelt flooding across portions of the Little Snake (from Savery to Bagss) and the Middle Fork of the Popo Agie near Lander.  Moderate potential for headwater snowmelt flooding is forecast for portions of the Laramie (up to Laramie), the Encampment, the Upper North Platte (above Saratoga), and the Middle Fork of the Powder River (up to Kaycee).  Light to moderate spring snowmelt flood potential is expected across portions of the Powder, Tongue, North Platte River (at and below Saratoga), the Little Popo Agie River, and portions of the Lower North Platte Drainage.  All other headwater locations across Wyoming can expect a generally low potential for flooding due to springtime snowmelt.

The complete Wyoming Spring 2010 Snowmelt Runoff Flood Potential Outlook graphic:

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