Snowfall Totals: October 24-25, 2010

Western and Central Wyoming saw its first significant snowfall event of the season, as a vigorous storm system worked its way west to east across the state through the day on Sunday, October 24th, and into the morning of Monday, October 25th.  Some locations in the higher elevations of the western mountains saw over a foot of snowfall.

Snowfall values below are through noon on Monday, October 25th.  (Note:  Snowfall values for SNOTEL locations are estimates from automated sensors.)

Snowfall Totals:  October 24-25, 2010
County Station Name Snowfall
Big Horn Shell Creek Snotel 5
Big Horn Bald Mountain Snotel 4
Big Horn Bone Springs Divide Snotel 3
Fremont Deer Park Snotel 6
Fremont Burroughs Creek Snotel 4
Fremont Hobbs Park Snotel 4
Fremont Little Warm Snotel 3
Fremont Cold Springs Snotel 2
Fremont South Pass Snotel 2
Fremont 10 WNW Dubois 1.5
Fremont Dubois 1
Johnson Cloud Peak Reservoir Snotel 3
Lincoln Blind Bull Summit Snotel 20
Lincoln Indian Creek Snotel 10
Lincoln Cottonwood Creek Snotel 10
Lincoln Willow Creek Snotel 10
Lincoln Spring Creek Divide Snotel 9
Lincoln Kelley Ranger Station Snotel 6
Lincoln Hams Fork Snotel 4
Lincoln 5 SSE Smoot 4
Lincoln Salt River Summit Snotel 2
Lincoln Cokeville 1
Natrona Casper Mountain Snotel 2
Natrona Reno Hill Snotel 1
Natrona Grave Spring Snotel 1
Park Blackwater Snotel 9
Park Evening Star Snotel 9
Park Beartooth Lake Snotel 8
Park Kirwin Snotel 6
Park Younts Peak Snotel 3
Park Wolverine Snotel 1
Sublette Triple Peak Snotel 14
Sublette Gunsite Pass Snotel 10
Sublette Snider Basin Snotel 5
Sublette Pocket Creek Snotel 3
Sublette Loomis Park Snotel 3
Sublette New Fork Lake Snotel 3
Sublette Kendall Ranger Station Snotel 2
Sublette East Rim Divide Snotel 1
Sublette Elkhart Park G.S. Snotel 1
Sublette Big Sandy Opening Snotel 1
Teton Grand Targhee Snotel 18
Teton Togwotee Pass Snotel 15
Teton Phillips Bench Snotel 10
Teton Gros Ventre Summit Snotel 5
Teton Base Camp Snotel 5
Teton Granite Creek Snotel 4
Teton Grassy Lake Snotel 3
Teton 2 SW Teton Village 2
Teton 5 NW Jackson 1.8
Teton 12 NE Jackson 1
Washakie Powder River Pass Snotel 6
Washakie Middle Powder Snotel 1
Yellowstone Two Ocean Plateau Snotel 16
Yellowstone Lewis Lake Divide Snotel 7
Yellowstone Thumb Divide Snotel 4
Yellowstone Parker Peak Snotel 4
Yellowstone Sylvan Lake Snotel 3
Yellowstone Snake River Ranger Station 1.5
Yellowstone Bechler Ranger Station 1.4
Yellowstone East Entrance Ranger Station 1
Yellowstone Canyon Snotel 1

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