Keep up-to-date with Hydrologic and Snowpack Information

Historically high snowpack levels remain in many mountain ranges across Wyoming.  Several weather factors including temperature, duration of warm temperatures, and additional precipitation, will all play a role in how the snowpack melts and filters to streams, creeks, and rivers.  The links below are provided as a way for you to monitor current and forecast trends for snowpack, snowmelt, and flood potential.

Also, the US Geological Survey, USGS, operates "WaterAlert."   The WaterAlert service sends e-mail or text (SMS) messages when certain parameters, as measured by a USGS real-time data-collection station, exceed user-definable thresholds.  The development and maintenance of the WaterAlert system is supported by the USGS and its partners, including numerous federal, state, and local agencies.  To read more or register online visit

Snowpack and Precipitation Data
NRCS Snow Precipitation Update
Interactive Precipitation Summary Graphics
Percent of Average SWE by Basin (Graph) Percent of Average SWE by Basin
Percent of Average SWE and Precipitation Graph
(By Individual Station)
Wyoming SNOTEL Data
SNOTEL Water Year Graph
(By Individual Station)
Monthly Precipitation Maps
NRCS Snow Survey NOHRSC Regional Snow Analyses--Central Rockies

Streamflow and Reservoir Data
NWS Riverton Hydrology Page NWS Cheyenne Hydrology Page
USBR Lakes and Reservoirs--Central and Eastern WY USBR Lakes and Reservoirs--Western WY
USGS Streamflow Conditions NRCS Wyoming Basin Outlook Reports
Wyoming BOR Canal and Stream Gaging Stations  

River & Flood Outlooks and Forecasts
Missouri River Basin Significant River Flood 5-day Outlook
(east of the Continental Divide)
NWS Riverton Snowmelt Flood Potential Outlook
(Final Version: Issued May 10, 2011)
Colorado River Basin Peak Streamflow Outlook
(Green River Basin)
Northwest River Basin Significant Flood Outlook
(Snake River Basin)

Climate Outlooks
Three Month Outlook Climate Prediction Center

Drought Monitors and Assessments
NOAA Wyoming Drought Monitor NOAA Drought Assessment - US
State Climatologist's Wyoming Drought Page State Climatologist's Wyoming Climate Data
Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI) Wyoming Drought Watch - USGS
About the PDSI National Drought Mitigation Center

 Abbreviations used on this page:
AHPS - Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Services
NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOHRSC - National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center
NWS - National Weather Service
NRCS - Natural Resource Conservation Service
PDSI - Palmer Drought Severity Index
SNOTEL - Snow Telemetry
SWE - Snow Water Equivalent
USGS - United States Geologic Survey

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