June 29 - Why so hazy?

When you left the house this morning in central Wyoming, did you notice that the sky seemed a bit hazy? Did you wonder what's happening to create the haze?

There are two ingredients aiding in the presence of haze across the area. The first ingredient is the source of the haze... fire! What we're actually seeing is smoke from fires hundreds of miles away. The second ingredient is the method by which the smoke arrived into Wyoming, the wind! An area of low pressure moving into the desert southwest continues to bring southwest wind over Wyoming. This wind is bringing smoke from the fires into the state.  The table below shows images corresponding to these two ingredients. The image on the left includes known locations of large fires. The image on the right shows a weather model's representation of the weather pattern this morning. Note the area of low pressure over central California, and the southwest wind moving from the desert southwest into Wyoming. Smoke from those fires is getting caught up in these stronger southwest winds and is being moved into the state.

Known Large Fires (Click for larger image) Current Conditions (Click for larger image)



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