When Will the Flooding End in Central Wyoming??

While we don't have a hard date for when we expect the historic flooding to end, we wanted to share with you one thing we use to help judge. The image to the right is a visible satellite image from Saturday July 2nd centered near Dubois, Wyoming. The most prevalent feature in this image is the white collected. This white represents remaining snow over the central mountains (Wind River and Absaroka) generally above 9500 ft. The denser areas demonstrate a thicker snow pack, which is supported by instrumentation indicating 20-30 inches of snow remain present.

As snowfall melts, the white in the image lessens, so we monitor satellite images to see how snowmelt is progressing. In a typical year, we would see less remaining snow over the mountains in early July. This means that additional melting snow is expected, especially with current hot temperatures being experienced across central Wyoming. Because of this, elevated water levels will remain possible for an undetermined amount of time across central Wyoming. 

We at the National Weather Service continue to encourage residents to be safe around flood waters. Do not drive your car into flood waters, as it may be impossible to know the condition of the underlying road surface. Flood waters are not safe to play in, either. Remember, water is very powerful and a small amount can carry away a human or automobile.

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