July 25 - There's Smoke in the Air Again!

Smoke plume from the North Point wildfireNorth-central Wyoming has again woken up to hazy skies, and the smell of smoke in the air! Where is this smoke coming from? A wildfire over the southern Absaroka Mountains is the culprit this time. The size of the fire was a reported ~300 acres (as of 12 pm on July 25th). The central location of fire is around 24 miles north of Dubois, WY, near the Double Cabin Campgrounds.

The image to the left shows the impressive smoke plume associated with this fire which is spreading smoke into the Big Horn Basin. The image was captured at 7:30pm on July 24th. Warm temperatures and humidity in the low teens combined with gusty wind in the afternoon of the 24th, allowing the fire to grow quickly.  The fire started in the Washakie Wilderness, and has resulted in the closure of two forest service trails, FS Trail 813 (Wiggins Fork) and FS Trail 815 (Bug Creek).

This fire is being considered for Resource Benefit. This means the fire will be allowed to remain active in order to clear out some heavy dead, down and bug killed timber within a determined perimeter. The fire will be closely monitored (from the Double Cabin Drainage area, and via helicopter), and will be fought if the fire grows outside of its permitted area, approaches structures, or is deemed a risk to public health due to smoke.

If additional information regarding this fire is required, please contact the Forest Supervisor's Office in Cody at (307) 527-6241.

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