High Wind Impacts Portions of Wyoming

Areas of very strong wind have been observed across portions of western and central Wyoming. A High Wind Warning was issued for these strong winds as they were expected to impact the upper Wind River Basin around Dubois, the eastern slopes of the WInd River Mountains, the Lander Foothills, the Green Mountains and Rattlesnake Range, and the lower elevations of Natrona County. Viewing the High Wind Warning will explain areas of concern and expected wind. These very strong winds are expected to continue into this evening for these areas.

Several reported instances of very strong wind have occured, and are included in a recent Local Storm Report. In summary, the following impressive winds have been observed on January 18th:

Date/Time Place Observed Wind
18/0315 Mount Coffin (15 ESE Afton) 100 MPH (Measured) - Peak Wind Gust with sustained 80 MPH
18/0315 Hoyt Peak (10 ESE Lake) 100 MPH (Measured) - Peak Wind Gust
18/1450 Camp Creek (17 SE Jeffrey City) 84 MPH  (Measured) - Peak Wind Gust
18/0710 Fales Rock (18 S Hiland) 77 MPH (Measured) - Peak Wind Gust
18/1939 Lander Airport 73 MPH  (Measured) - Peak Wind Gust
18/1931 Dubois Airport 63 MPH  (Measured) - Peak Wind Gust
18/0806 South Pass 60 MPH (Measured) - Sustained with gusts to 70 MPH
18/1626 Beaver Rim (20 SE Lander) 53 MPH (Measured) - Sustained with gusts to 63 MPH

Please stay tuned as future wind speeds may be added to this news story. These strong winds may be impacting travel along roadways. Please check the Wyoming Department of Transportation's website to check on advisories related to strong wind. If you experience any damage related to wind, please call our office at 1-800-211-1448 or post the information on our Facebook page

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