November 2013 Monthly Climate Summaries for Western and Central Wyoming

The November 2013 climate summaries for Big Piney, Buffalo, Casper, Greybull, Lake Yellowstone, Lander, Riverton, Rock Springs, and Worland are now available online.

Overall, after a wet October, November was much drier than normal, and had near to slightly above normal temperatures. Some locations, such as, Riverton, Rock Springs, Buffalo, Greybull, and Lake Yellowstone had the driest top 5 Novembers on record. There weren't many high temperature records set this month, however, an arctic cold front brought several record low temperatures across many locations. See the links below for details!

If you would like additional/more in-depth climate information, please refer to our Climate Page. Under the Observed Weather tab, you can find the Daily Climate Report (CLI), the Preliminary Monthly Climate Data (CF6), the Monthly Weather Summary (CLM), the Regional and State Summary (RTP/STP). The Daily Climate Report will have the weather data for the day (from midnight to 1159 pm). The Monthly Climate Data will have this data for each day of the month, compilying all the daily data into one form. The Regional and State Summaries will have temperature and precipitation data for various locations across the state, updated 4 times a day.


Big Piney




Lake Yellowstone



Rock Springs


A dramatic sunrise at the Riverton Weather Office, taken the morning of Thursday November 7th, 2013.