...April 2007 Monthly Climate Summary....

Spring started in March but April brought a return to winter conditions. The fourth through the fourteenth recorded highs in the 40’s and 50’s and lows in the lower 20’s to upper teens. This rare cold snap was especially damaging to crops and orchard growers, after the warmer than normal temperatures in March started the growing cycle of fruit trees and spring crops. Not since the early 1900’s has an event similar to this occurred. While the temperatures in March were more April like, April was more like a typical March with the average high temperature at 64.4 degrees and the average low at 41.8 degrees.  The monthly average temperature was 53.6 degreesIn addition to the cold snap, measureable snowfall also occurred on the 14th of the month.

For more information, look at the April Climate Summary.

A look graphically at the spring season temperatures including the top 5 warmest months on record compared to the current seasons.

A look graphically at the spring season precipitation including the top 5 driest months on record compared to the current seasons.

Spring- Monthly Normals

  March April May
Precipitation 3.82" 4.31" 4.57"
Avg High 57.8 67.7 75.9
Avg Low 34.9 43.6 53.4

- Monthly records

April May
Precipitation 9.09" in 1935
12.15" in 1954 16.15" in 1943
Record Avg High 57.6 on 1910
63.1 in 1954 72.3 in 1962
Record Avg Low 32.5 in 1960
48.5 in 1907 57.7 in 1924

Spring- Average Wind Direction

    March                                       April                                      May

What can be expected this spring? The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) has issued their latest forecast for the spring season.

                      Temperature                                                      Precipitation

For information about local climate forecasts, the National Weather Service issues Local 3-Month Temperature Outlooks based off of the CPC forecasts.

For the latest local climate outlook go to the Springfield L3MTO outlook page.

While Spring signals the return of warm weather and blooming flowers, cold weather can still occur. The average last frost in southern Missouri is around April 20th.

For more information concerning Ag weather in Missouri go to the Missouri Ag Weather web page from the University of Missouri.

For additional information concerning:

The Spring Equinox visit the U.S. Naval Observatory.

Upcoming monthly normals and records: Local Climatology for the Missouri Ozarks and southeast Kansas

This months Climate Calendar from the Midwest Regional Climate Center.

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