...May 2007 Climate Summary...

...May 2007 Monthly Climate Summary...

Much of the month of May was spent in above normal temperatures across the Missouri Ozarks region. The month began with much above normal temperatures and highs from the mid to upper 80s were observed. Record high temperatures were tied at Joplin on both the 6th and 14th of the month. The only cooler than normal temperatures for the month occurred between the 16th and 20th of the month.

4.07 inches
5.1 above normal (3rd warmest)
0.34 inches below normal (30th driest)
5.83 inches
3.6 degrees above normal (13th warmest)
0.94 inches above normal (31st wettest)
West Plains
4.15 inches
4.2 degrees above normal (10th warmest)
1.40 inches below normal (27th driest)
3.44 inches
3.9 degrees above normal (9th warmest)
0.87 inches below normal (18th driest)

The majority of rainfall occurred across southeast Kansas and far western Missouri during the month of May. These were the only locations which received above normal precipitation for the month. Much of the remainder of the Missouri Ozarks had slightly below normal precipitation for the month.

List of May 2007 Records for (Springfield, Joplin, West Plains and Vichy)
Daily rainfall record of 1.23 inches.
Record high temperature tied at 90 degrees
Warmest low temperature set at 72 degrees.
Warmest low temperature set at 73 degrees.
West Plains
Warmest low temperature set at 69 degrees.
Warmest low temperature set at 68 degrees.
Record high temperature tied at 88 degrees.

(Image below shows departure from normal - May 2007 precipitation).

For more information, look at the May Climate Summary.

A look graphically at the spring season temperatures including the top 5 warmest months on record compared to the current seasons.

A look graphically at the spring season precipitation including the top 5 driest months on record compared to the current seasons.

Summer- Monthly Normals

  June July August
Precipitation 5.02" 3.56" 3.37"
Avg High 84.6 89.9 89.5
Avg Low 62.2 67.1 65.6

- Monthly records

July August
Precipitation 12.27" in 1928
18.75" in 1958 10.81" in 1915
Record Avg High 81.1 in 1952
85.5 in 1934 84.4 in 1936
Record Avg Low 66.8 in 1972
71.7 in 1950 68.7 in 1915

Summer- Average Wind Direction

    June                                       July                                      August

What can be expected this summer? The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) has issued their latest forecast for the summer season.

                      Temperature                                                      Precipitation

For information about local climate forecasts, the National Weather Service issues Local 3-Month Temperature Outlooks based off of the CPC forecasts.

For the latest local climate outlook go to the Springfield L3MTO outlook page.

For information concerning Ag weather in Missouri go to the Missouri Ag Weather web page from the University of Missouri.

For additional information concerning:

The Summer Solstice visit the U.S. Naval Observatory.

Upcoming monthly normals and records: Local Climatology for the Missouri Ozarks and southeast Kansas

This months Climate Calendar from the Midwest Regional Climate Center.

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