...Record Rain falls across Southeast Kansas and the Missouri Ozarks...

...Record Rainfall Information...
Several periods of showers and thunderstorms during the month of June have produced torrential, slow moving and record setting rainfalls causing flash and river flooding. Rainfall records have been set at Joplin, Vichy/Rolla and Springfield for several days this month. In addition, a new monthly rainfall record was set in Joplin for the month of June.

For more information concerning the heavy rainfall and flooding in southeast Kansas and the Missouri Ozarks go to our Flood Briefing Page.

Daily Rainfall Records for June
Daily 1st 2nd 10th 11th 12th 30th
Springfield 0.99" 0.83" 0.48" 2.34" 0.60" 0.58"
Joplin 1.92" 2.39" 3.86" 3.60" 1.89" 0.86"
Vichy/Rolla 0.71" 0.32" 2.52" 0.01" 0.00" 0.55"
West Plains 0.01" 0.04" 0.31" 0.69" 0.00" 1.35"

 Precipitation highlighted in GREEN indicates a new record.

Monthly Rainfall Records for June

June Normal Current Record Year
Springfield 5.02" 8.11" 12.27" 1927
Joplin 5.42" 17.12" 17.12" 2007
Vichy/Rolla 3.81" 6.93" 12.46" 1977
West Plains 4.33"   3.93" 9.71"   1982

Precipitation highlighted in PINK indicates a new Monthly record.

Joplin received 17.12 inches of rainfall during the month of June. This ranks June 2007 as the wettest June on record for Joplin.  In addition, several locations across Southeast Kansas and portions of southwest Missouri have received similar significant rainfall amounts.  Some examples include:
  • Lamar, Mo. 21.79"
  • Pittsburg, Ks. 18.43"
  • Lockwood, Mo. 13.19"
  • Carthage,Mo. 14.26"
  • Columbus, Ks. 17.77"
  • Waco, Mo. 19.08"
The above reports are from Official NWS Co-op Observers.

30 day rainfall totals across Missouri

                         Rainfall Graphic for the past 30 days

In addition...looking at the yearly rainfall for Joplin through June 30th...34.54 inches of precipitation has been measured. The normal amount of rain to this date for Joplin is 22.52 inches. This places Joplin 12.02 inches above normal for the year so far.  The normal annual rainfall for Joplin is 46.07 inches which places Joplin well past half way for the year.

As a comparison...
  • Joplin received a total of 32.42 inches of rain for the entire year in 2006.
  • The wettest year on record for Joplin was set in 1985 when 65.25 inches of rain was recorded.
  • The top 5 wettest months for Joplin:
    • May  1943 - 25.24"
    • Sep  1986 - 19.08"
    • Jun   2007 - 17.12"
    • Oct  1941 - 16.67"
    • Jul  1958 - 14.65"
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