...Upper Air System to be Replaced...

This is a reminder that Springfield, MO will transition from the current upper air system, Microart, to the radiosonde replacement system, RRS beginning Aug 3, 2007.

The decommissioning will occur after the 1200 UTC sounding from  Springfield, MO on Aug 3, 2007.  There will not be any intermediate soundings taken until the RRS is installed and operating.  A message will be issued indicating the first official sounding with the RRS.  Here is a current schedule for the RRS installation sites through the remainder of 2007.

The header for the Springfield, Missouri upper air data...KSGF...station id 72440...has not been changed with the introduction of the RRS. The official header of the  Springfield office will continue to be used for transmission of official products.

If you have any questions concerning the implementation of the RRS 
system at  Springfield, please contact:

Paul A Murphy
NWS/WFO SGF Data Acquisition Program Manager (DAPM)
Springfield, Missouri
Email: paul.murphy@noaa.gov

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