...November 11th, 1911 - A day of Extremes!...

So you think that going from record highs in the 80s on Wednesday and Thursday this past week to lows in the 30s over the weekend is significant?  Well it might be, but it fails to compare with what happened 95 years ago! 

On November 11, 1911...Springfield, MO set a record high of 80 degrees between 2pm and 3pm during the afternoon.  By midnight the temperature dropped to a record low of 13 degrees, with morning lows on the 12th of November hitting a bone chilling 9 degrees...some 71 degrees lower than the previous afternoons high.  The records for both high and low temperature still remain from 1911.

Back in October of 2003, one of our Senior Meteorologists - Drew Albert, researched and wrote an article about this event entitled "The Great Blue Norther of November 11, 1911".  Enjoy!


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