...NWS Information in Geospatial (GIS) Format...

To advance the environmental information enterprise, NOAA/NWS plans to provide information in forms that can be easily incorporated into GIS applications. We are seeking comments from users on the provision of geospatial information.     Details...

Where can you find National Weather Service GIS related data and products?

NWS GIS data source listing:  http://www.weather.gov/gis/

Snow:  http://www.nohrsc.noaa.gov/

Precipitation:  http://www.srh.noaa.gov/rfcshare/precip_analysis_new.php

Radar & Warnings:  http://radar.weather.gov/GIS.html

Radar & Warnings in KML:  http://www.srh.noaa.gov/ridge/kmzgenerator.php

Climate:  http://gis.ncdc.noaa.gov/aimstools/gis.jsp

Cimate: http://gis.ncdc.noaa.gov/website/ims-climatls/index.html

For a listing of GIS applicatins click here:

For a description of GIS formats click here:



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