...Looking for a Last Minute Christmas Gift? NOAA Weather Radio!...

If you’re searching for that last minute Christmas gift, why not consider a life-saving gift for your friends and family? The Ozarks can experience a wide range of weather, during all seasons. The St. James, MO tornado this past September was a reminder that severe thunderstorms and tornadoes can occur even during the fall. Winter weather can also be hazardous, creating treacherous driving conditions and significantly impacting day-to-day activities.

NOAA Weather Radio, NWR, is the "Voice of the National Weather Service", and is provided as a public service. When hazardous weather conditions are not expected, NWR normally broadcasts local weather-related information such as the local 7 day forecast, daily climate statistics, and river and lake stages. During potentially hazardous weather conditions, NWR will "alert" with a series of tones to advise you of severe and life-threatening weather.

NWR is also an "All Hazard" radio, meaning it will broadcast critical civil emergency information, such as alerts for chemical spills, nuclear accidents, volcanic or earthquake information, and a dam failure. In some states, NWR will also broadcast  Amber Alerts, designed to notify the public of missing children.

If you’re looking for that last minute gift, or shopping for someone who has just about everything...consider a NOAA weather radio. The radios are available at department stores, discount stores, electronic stories, and via the Internet. The National Weather Service does not sell or profit from weather radios, the broadcast is provided as a public service.

Check out NWS Springfield’s NOAA Weather Radio website for local information... or visit the NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards website.

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