...Heavy Rain in September? Tropical Systems in Missouri?...

Heavy Rainfall in September? Tropical Systems In Missouri?

    This is not a surprise, as September is officially the 2nd wettest month of the year on average for Springfield at 4.83 inches. September has seen as much as 17.46 inches of rain fall in one month back in 1993 and 5.03 inches of rain in one day on Sept. 24 in 1993. The rainfall that occurred in Springfield on Sept 2nd of this year was the second wettest 24 hour period on record at 4.62 inches.

Below are the wettest daily rainfalls for the month of September going back to 1888. In GREEN are those daily rainfalls that were impacted by tropical systems.

Year Day Precip
1993 24 5.03
2010 2 4.62
1975 10 4.43
1996 26 3.90
1986 30 3.85
1962 14 3.84
1993 25 3.27
1993 14 3.15
1894 15 3.08
1994 10 3.02
1998 12 2.88
1986/1893 29/22 2.80
1945 24 2.78
2008 3 2.75
1925 21 2.68
1943 29 2.59
2008 14 2.55

Over the next several days...the remnants of Hermine...will move across the region.  In addition...a cold front will move through the region at the end of the week helping to produce heavy rainfall across the Ozarks into the weekend.

   If this scenario sounds familiar...thats because it happened almost exactly two years ago when the remnants of Hurricane Gustav took a similar track as that expected from Tropical Storm Hermine. During that September 2nd-3rd period...between 3 and 6 inches of rain fall across much of the Ozarks. Then...two weeks later on September 14th...the remnants of Hurricane Ike took an almost identical track across the Ozarks producing an additional 2 to 6 inches across portions of the Ozarks.

The general track of hurricane's, and where they make landfall in the gulf coast, do provide the chance that the Ozarks receive the remnants of tropical systems. Of the dates above however, three, Sept. 10th 1975, Sept 3rd 2008 and Sept. 14th 2008, were impacted by a tropical system. The remainder of the daily heavy rainfall events in September occurred without the influence of a tropical system.

The climatological areas of origin and tracks of hurricanes in the month of September.

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