...Record Number of Days Without Single Digits...and Other Climate Highlights...

...A Few Climate Highlights and Fun Facts From 2012 for Springfield and Joplin...

2012 featured well above normal temperatures and below normal
precipitation for southeastern Kansas and the Missouri Ozarks.
Here are a few climate highlights for Springfield and Joplin. A
complete 2012 climate summary can be found at


For Springfield...

2012 was the 2nd warmest and 10th driest year on record for Springfield.
While overall average temperatures were the 2nd warmest on
record...2012 did feature the warmest average high temperatures
ever recorded...at 71 degrees. The previous record was 70.1
degrees...set in 2006.

The temperature never fell into the single digits in 2012...which
is a rarity. In fact...through January 3rd...it has been a
record 692 days (and counting) since single digit temperatures
were last observed in Springfield. The previous record was 406
days...ending on March 10 1998. Temperatures last fell into the
single digits in Springfield on February 11 2011...when the low
temperature was 5 degrees.

For precipitation...2012 brought only 8 days of 1 inch of
precipitation or more. Looking back...8 days of 1 inch of
precipitation or greater last occurred in 1997...1995...and 1991.
The last year that featured less than 8 days of 1 inch or more of
precipitation was 1980...with only 5 days. The 3.7 inches of snow
that fell makes 2012 the 4th least snowy year on record.

2012 ended with a deficit of nearly 15 inches (14.63) of rain for
Springfield compared to the 30 year average. To put this in
perspective...14.63 inches of rainfall over an acre of land
equates to approximately 397,263 gallons of water. For an area
the size of Greene County...this equates to somewhere in the
neighborhood of 172 billion gallons of water.

For Joplin...

While it was hot and dry during 2012 for Joplin...the year was not
quite as extreme versus climatology as 2012 was for Springfield.
For Joplin...2012 checked in as the 4th warmest year on record.
With 77 days of temperatures 90 or greater and 28 days of 100
degrees or greater...2012 did feature record average high
temperatures for Joplin...at 73 degrees. The old record was
72.2...set in 2006.

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