Severe Thunderstorms, February 28, 2007

Thunderstorms developed across southeastern Kansas during the afternoon hours of February 28, 2007.  A low pressure system at the surface was located over northeast Kansas during the afternoon hours on Wednesday.  A secondary, stronger low deepened over the Texas panhandle throughout the afternoon hours. Southerly wind flow on the southeast side of the lows drew warm, moist air from the south northward, and set the stage for severe weather development later in the day.  A warm front stretched from northeast Kansas through central Missouri, and a dry line extended from the low, southward into north central Oklahoma .  Storms initiated along the dry line after 4pm, and moved in a northeastwardly direction.  The storms became severe, and began to drop hail in the NWS-Topeka County Warning Area (CWA) just after 6pm (Coffey County).


Hail up to the size of golfballs (1.75” in diameter), wind gusts up to 60mph, and tornadoes were all reported to have occurred in the NWS-Topeka CWA.  A map depicting the storm reports in the NWS-Topeka CWA can be found below.

(Click on Image for Larger View)

A damage survey will be conducted later this afternoon (3/1/07) in Anderson County to assess the damage caused by the reported tornadoes. 

A complete summary of storm reports received through midnight can be found HERE.  A United States scale graphical version, produced by the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) can be found HEREMore information will be posted as it becomes available throughout the day.


The second, dominant low pressure system will continue to push to the northeast today.  Gusty winds will continue to blow across the northeastern corner of Kansas throughout the day.  New fallen snow may be blown around by these gusty winds, which could lead to hazardous driving conditions.  Numerous accidents have been reported across the northeast corner of the state this morning due to slick roads.  More information can be found at:


NWS-Topeka Snow and Blowing Snow Advisory



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