Early April Hard Freeze

Hard Freeze Expected Tonight


Low temperatures are expected to fall to near record lows tonight.  Expected low temperatures can be seen in the weather story in the image below:



Although temperatures tonight are expected to fall to near record lows set two years ago... on April 7th, 2007, the economic impact is not expected to be as severe.  In early April of 2007, a very warm late March led to early planting by many residents of eastern Kansas, as well as causing trees to enter near full bloom by early April.  The hard freeze of early April 2007 killed much of the tender vegetation that was planted earlier than the typical growing season for the region, which usually begins in mid-April.  A link to the map of average last freeze dates can by found by clicking HERE.  Because we have not had an extremely warm late March compared to 2007, and we have had a recent killing freeze (March 29th, 2009), the economic impact to orchards and residents of eastern Kansas is not expected to be as severe as it was in 2007.  Below is a chart comparing the hard freeze of 2007 with the expected hard freeze tonight.


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From the table above dates highlighted in pink are dates where the low remained above freezing, and dates highlighted in dark pink are dates where the low temperature remained very warm, specifically when the low temperature remained above 50 degrees.  Dates where the low temperature fell to freezing or below are highlighted in light blue.  Dates that experienced a hard freeze are highlighted in blue.  In 2007 the very warm end to March included 10 days where the low temperature never fell below 55 degrees.  In comparison, in 2009 so far only one day has seen the low temperature remain above 55 degrees, with only one other day remaining above 50 degrees.  In 2007 the last killing freeze before the killing freeze in early April was March 13th, in 2009 we had a killing or hard freeze just a week ago.


A hard freeze is very likely tonight, so if you have any exposed tender vegetation, take the appropriate actions to protect this vegetation as temperatures tonight will damage or kill tender vegetation.

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