Warm Start to November

A warm start to November!

On the heels of an abnormally cool October, the month of November has started off unseasonally warm.  Although the temperatures are hovering above the seasonal normal values for this time of year, the temperatures in Topeka are still not as warm as observed November temperatures in the past.


  2009 High Normal High
Record High Year of Record High
November 1 78 61 82 1990
November 2 61 60 82 1964
November 3 60 60 84 1924
November 4 63 59 82 1978
November 5 70 58 82 1924
November 6 76 58 83 1980
November 7 75 57 79 2001

Above:  The observed maximum temperatures for November 2009 are still significantly lower than the record highs for those respective days; however, the observed maximum temperatures are still much higher than the normal maximum temperatures (1970-2000).  The year of the record high reflects the most recent occurrence.


Comparison between previous average highs and current average highs

Above:  This year's average maximum temperatures (Nov. 1-7) are higher than the normal maximum temperature for the same time span from 1970-2000. The highest average maximum temperature (Nov. 1-7) occurred in 1914 and was measured at 74.5 degrees.


Comparison between observed avg temps and 2009 avg temps

Above:  For the first week of November (Nov. 1-7) the average temperature has been above the average temperature observed between 1887 and 2008, however the average temperature for November of 2009 is significantly less than the highest average temperature observed in 1916.



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