When Can We Expect the First Freeze of 2012?

When Can We Expect the First Freeze?

As summer time draws to a close and fall approaches, cooler air will start to affect Northeast Kansas, but when can we expect to see freezing temperatures affect the area? Here are the average "first freeze" dates for various locations across northeast Kansas.


Topeka October 12-17
Lawrence October 17-22
Emporia October 12-17
Concordia October 12-17
Manhattan October 12-17


 Above:  A visual depiction of average "first freeze" dates across Kansas

Click on the Above Image to enlarge (Map composed by Kansas State Research and Extension)

Monitor areas that have already seen freezing temperatures, as well as median freeze dates at the Midwestern Regional Climate Center.
For more information regarding first/last freezes in Kansas visit The Kansas State Research and Extension Page | Tabular Form


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