2010 Year in Review

2010 Year in Review

How did 2010 shape up in comparison to previous years? The average temperature for the year tied for the 20th warmest of the 123 complete years of data on record for Topeka. The total amount of liquid precipitation and snowfall were quite close to the long-term average.

The year started on the cold side, with the combined months of January and February being the coldest since 1985 in terms of average daily temperature. The snowy trend that began late in 2009 continued through the remainder of the winter and into the early spring. Snowfall measure in February was nearly two times normal, and March was the snowiest such month since 1990. Temperatures for much of the middle and end of the year were above normal. The summer and falls months, comprising June through November, were the ninth warmest on record, with the months of April through August being the third warmest. Every day in October saw the mercury reach at least 60 degrees, which only happened two times previously.

January brought periods of above and below normal temperatures. The period from January 1 through January 10 was the fourth coldest such period on record, but this was followed by a six-day stretch from January 15 through January 20 where the mercury did not fall below freezing. This was the longest period in January to have above-freezing temperatures since 1939. The first half of April was the second warmest on record. May was similar to January with warm and cold periods. May 10 through May 20 was the second coldest such period recorded, while the 21st through the 31st was the seventh warmest and second driest. High levels of heat occurred from mid-July into mid-August. Heat indices reached 104 to 112 degrees from July 16 through July 25, and topped out at 113 on August 2 and 3. The average temperature from August 7 through August 13 was the hottest for any 7-day stretch since 1980. Relatively warm temperatures where closely followed by very cold conditions twice in December. The feels-like temperature from the afternoon of the 10th to the 11th and again from the 30th to the 31st dropped by 59 degrees.

Notable weather occurred on and near two holidays. A record-setting 1.40 inches of rain fell on July 4th, but the rain largely ended by mid-evening and allowed fireworks displays to take place. A quick but shallow blanket on snow fell on the morning of December 24, but clearing skies and above-freezing temperatures melted the snow by late afternoon.

Hail around an inch in diameter fell in portions of the city on April 5, with smaller hail occurring on March 27 and December 31. Severe thunderstorms caused wind damage in southwest and central portions of Topeka on June 13 and in the Oakland area on June 16. A 62 mph wind gust was recorded at Billard airport with the latter event. Persistent wind gust of around 40 mph were measured on April 30, November 28 and 29, and December 11. Stronger gust around 45 mph were common from October 26 through 28. Wind chill values of -25 to -15 were the norm on January 7 and 8.

Monthly Average Temperature and Precipitation in the Top 20 on Record

 Monthly Average Temperatures in the Top 20 on Record

Monthly Average Precipitation in the Top 20 on Record

Apr   11th  Warmest April on Record

Jun     7th  Warmest June on Record

Aug   12th  Warmest August on Record

Jun 11th  Wettest June on Record

Dec 10th  Driest December on Record


Daily Records

Highest Maximum

Dec 30   71 F

Lowest Minimum


Highest Minimum

Mar 31   61 F

Apr   1    65 F

May 23   75 F

May 24   73 F

Jun 11   76 F Tied

Jun 22   78 F Tied

Jul 23   81 F

Lowest Maximum

Jan   8    7 F


Jun 13   2.59"

Jun 16   3.09"

Jul   4   1.40"


Jan    6   4.4"

Mar 19   3.5"




Severe Weather Reports in and near Topeka



Apr   5th   1" Hail 

 Jun 13th   Large trees downed in southwest Topeka, 63 mph wind measured by storm chase in downtown area.

Jun 16th   Trees downed in central Topeka, 62 mph wind measured at Billard Airport

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